Saturday, August 4, 2012

Split Drawers

Hello. It's been a while. I finished that paper.
And my split drawers!
So, here's the thing about split drawers: they're the best. Imagine that you're at a reenactment smack-dab in the middle of summer. You are probably keeping yourself hydrated (Me: "Water? What is this strange substance you speak of?") and, subsequently, you have to visit the "necessary". Which is code for ridiculously gross port-o-john with a swarm of mosquitoes hanging out on the ceiling. Would you rather contort yourself into a pretzel trying to unbutton the drawers underneath all of your layers, including your corset, while keeping your hoop skirt-petticoat taco from agitating those mosquitoes? Or would you rather have this handy-dandy, accident-proof article of clothing at your disposal?
Yes, it looks funny. No, the legs aren't sewn together, it's just a big gap. But they are amazing. Completely amazing.
Historical Side Note:
Ever wonder why those can-can girls were so risque? Most people don't think of the can-can as scandalous nowadays: "What's so crazy about dancers flipping up their frilly, voluminous skirts to show more frilly, voluminous skirts?" they ask.
Split drawers, my friends. Split drawers.

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